Roulette Attack | Strategic betting app designed to challenge the Roulette

Roulette Attack

Roulette Attack is a strategic betting app designed to challenge the Roulette. You will learn six different betting systems and the engine will do the rest of the work. You will only have to worry when to start betting, or you can even leave that to the app!
Designed not only for occasional players but also for professional ones, each action is explained in detail to understand the logic behind each strategy. Read More

You don't need to be an experienced player to have great results with Roulette Attack. In fact, using the application will give you advantage against the players visiting the casino for fun. You can have fun... but also win money in the same night.

All the systems used were thoroughly tested using thousands of balls.
We invite you to try it wherever you want; use our Lite version in casinos, bingos, online casinos, internet or your own balls annotations…
Check the results yourself and get familiarized with the app before playing for real money.

It's important to clarify that the systems used ARE NOT flawless. Despite that their winning percentage is quite high, it will never be a 100%; therefore you have to be careful and be the more conservative you can.
We strongly encourage you to read carefully all the guides, several times. It's very important you understand the logic behind all the systems, to make the best possible profit.

Roulette Attack will be of great help to you to start winning chips on a monthly basis in the Roulette, but in the end you will make the final decisions and you will define a positive balance.

You can practice before using Roulette Attack in a real roulette:
1. Download Roulette Attack LITE for free on Android Market.
2. Use this link to generate a random roulette serie.
3. Start testing and see the results by yourself.

Roulette Attack Features

  • Attack the Roulette with six different strategies.
  • Let the engine play for you.
  • Or learn them and define your own betting strategies!
  • Start winning chips on a monthly basis.
  • Keep control and analyze the stats of all your game sessions.
  • See which system works better for you.
  • Active or deactivate any system's assistance.
  • Try the aggressive mode!
  • Setup any wheel to play with.
  • Are you a newbie? Don't worry! We will guide you...


  • Roulette Attack requires Android OS 1.5 or higher.